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Baking Bread in a Sun Oven

I walk outside and smell the aroma of freshly baked bread. I am always amazed at the thought of baking and cooking without any man-made energy, just the natural energy of the sun.

You can cook any of your favorite bread recipes that are cooked in a bread pan in your sun oven. This is the loaf that came out of my sun oven. I used my multi-grain bread recipe. They are so easy to use. First, find a sunny spot to set up the oven. You will need a flat surface with enough room to turn the oven to face the sun every 15-20 minutes.

There is an adjustable slide on the back of the oven. Press in the button and turn it to the right or left, then position the rod to the desired height, so the oven catches the reflecting rays of the sun.

Next, open up the reflector sheets. The sun makes the metal very hot, so make sure your hands are protected if it has been outside.

That's all there is to it. Let the oven heat up for a half hour. On this particular day, the oven heated up to 300 degrees. Place the loaf of bread (using an aluminum bread pan) on the swinging platform inside the oven. Make sure it is balanced before you let go, so the loaf doesn't spill off of the platform. Finally, close up the side latches to keep the glass door shut.

Check the oven every twenty minutes or so, and rotate the oven to follow the moving sun. It took this loaf of bread one hour and fifteen minutes to bake. It will be golden brown when done.

Unlatch the door.

The sun has baked a beautiful loaf of bread.

Place it on a cooling rack. Then slice and eat...yummm!

Special Tools

Sun Oven

Bread Slicer

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