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Beef Stroganoff

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Servings: 6

Storage Life of Ingredients: 1 year

Chunks of tender beef in a rich, flavorful sauce over a bed of egg noodles is the definition of comfort food.

Pictured Process

Bring a large pot of water to a boil.

Add the egg noodles and cook according to package directions.

Whisk the flour and a little bit of beef broth together until smooth.

In a medium size sauce pan, combine the flour mixture, beef broth, cream of mushroom soup, onion flakes, garlic salt, salt, and pepper.

Add the drained roast beef. I used two cans of the Costco canned beef.

Bring to a boil, lower heat, and simmer for 15 minutes.

Reconstitute the white sauce mix according to package directions, whisking continually until it thickens. The Rainy Day white sauce mix directions made 1-1/2 cups of white sauce. I only needed one cup and I wanted it thick like sour cream, so I used the same amount of white sauce mix to 1 cup of water instead of 1-1/2 cups water. It turned out perfect.

Add the white sauce to the beef gravy, stirring until incorporated and warmed through.

Drain the egg noodles.

Rinse egg noodles in warm water.

Serve beef and gravy over egg noodles. Yield: 6 servings.

Storage Tips

White Sauce: Once you open your can of white sauce mix, repackage it into a freezer bag. Label it with directions for reconstituting and the date you purchased it and opened it. The Rainy Day Gourmet White Cream Soup/Sauce Mix that I purchased states that it should be stored at 60 degrees or less and it will keep unopened 10-15 years. After opening it should be used within a year. Our home is not 60 degrees or less, so to be safe I store it in the freezer after opening. If the electricity goes out, it is nice to know that it can last for some time on the shelf.

Flour: Flour can be stored in 5 gallon food-grade buckets with resealable lids. Layer the flour with bay leaves to keep the weevils away. Grains will keep for at least a year using this method.

Egg Noodles: Pasta can be stored safely in its original packaging for one year.

Canned Goods: Most canned goods can be stored safely in your pantry for two years. Check the "best by"date on the can since you do not know how long it has been sitting on the store shelves.

Beef: I can my own beef or use the Costco beef cans. If you can your own meat, make sure you check the seal before storing in your pantry. Always check to see that it smells and looks as it should when you open a bottle. The USDA states that home-canned products should be used within 1 year. The Costco beef has a storage shelf life of 1 year. Check the "best by" date on the back of the can since you do not know how long it has been sitting on the store shelves.

Dehydrated Onions: The can of Rainy Day Chopped Onions I purchased states that if stored at 60 degrees or less, the onions will last for 25 years. Once opened it should be used within a year because the onions will go stale.

Alternative Cooking Method

Propane Camp Stove

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