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Frozen Strawberry Jam

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Servings: 5 Jars

Storage Life of Ingredients: 1 year in the freezer

Nothing tastes better on toast or rolls than frozen homemade strawberry jam. It is truly the best!


4 cups mashed strawberries

2/3 cup sugar

2 tablespoons instant fruit pectin

Wash and slice strawberries. Place one layer of sliced strawberries In a large flat bowl and mash with a potato masher. Continue mashing one layer at a time until you have four cups of crushed strawberries. Mix together the fruit pectin and sugar and pour into the crushed strawberries. Stir for three minutes. Spoon strawberry mixture into sanitized jars, cover, and let sit for thirty minutes. Store the jars in your freezer. The frozen strawberry jam will last a year in the freezer.

I make frozen strawberry jam every spring when strawberries are in season. My neighbors look forward to it every year.

"This is awesome! You need to try it on chocolate cake."
"If I bring back the empty jar, can I trade it for another one?"

My daughter's family went through the small jars so quickly, she started freezing strawberry jam in large jars. She put her children to work mashing the strawberries, and multiplied the recipe several times over.

Paired with rolls or bread, this makes a great friend and neighbor gift.

Pictured Process

Make sure you sanitize your jars before using them. I place them in the top section of my dishwasher and wash them with the High Temp setting.

This recipe only requires three ingredients, strawberries, sugar, and instant fruit pectin.

Wash and slice your strawberries. Find a large flat bowl or casserole dish and place one layer of strawberries on the bottom of the dish. With a potato masher, mash the strawberries into small, juicy chunks.

Spoon the crushed strawberries into a measuring cup and mash another layer. Pour the measured strawberries into a different bowl and continue the process until you have four cups of mashed strawberries.

Combine the sugar and fruit pectin together and mix well. Pour it into the crushed strawberries and stir for three minutes to allow the sugar to dissolve completely.

Spoon the strawberry mixture into your prepared jars, cover, and let sit for thirty minutes on the counter.

Store in your freezer for delicious strawberry jam all year.

Storage Tips

If stored in your freezer, this jam will last a year.

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