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Halloween Cake Pops

Spooky and cute, these Halloween cake pops will be the life of the party for kids and adults alike!

I’ve made a number of cake pops for Halloween. It’s quite fun to think of new designs and to get creative.

Because cake pops can be so time intensive to make (but so quick to consume), I like to make the most out of them by gifting to others. Washi tape around the stick takes the pops up to another level of cuteness. Stuff those bad boys into a little wrapper, tie with a ribbon, and you've got the cutest neighbor gift ever!

I'm not sure if you can tell from the photos, but both the Harry Potter hat and the pumpkin were airbrushed to give it a more realistic effect.

If I were to do the candy corns over, I would dip the cake ball in yellow at the bottom and then put the stick in. Next, I would dip orange on the rest of the cake pop and let it dry. Then redip the very end in white chocolates. Either that or dip the whole thing in white and airbrush on the yellow and orange. I didn't plan these very well and just went with the flow. I had to just smooth on the yellow stripe, which didn't result in the best look. Live and learn, right?!

One of my favorite cake pops to make was the eyeball. I used food markers to draw the iris and pupils, but piped on the veins and the blood at the bottom with melted chocolate.

New to cake pops? See my tutorial on how to mix, shape, and dip cake pops. I have another tutorial on cake pop decorating here.

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