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Homemade Strawberry Syrup

Servings: 4 pints

Storage Life of Ingredients: 1 year

Fresh strawberry taste over pancakes, waffles, French toast, and even ice cream. So good!

I started out making strawberry jam and forgot to boil the strawberries with the pectin before adding the sugar. I realized that I could just boil the strawberries and sugar together and freeze it in pints for a wonderful homemade strawberry syrup. It was a delicious mistake!

Pictured Process

Wash and cut the stems off of your strawberries. Put one pound of strawberries in the food processor.

Pulse until strawberries are crushed to the desired consistency.

One pound of strawberries made 1 1/2 cups strawberry juice.

Continue processing until you have 5 cups of strawberry juice. Mix the juice with 7 cups of sugar. Add 1 teaspoon butter to reduce foaming, and boil in a large pot for 1 minute. Pour into sterilized pint jars. Allow to cool and store in your freezer.

Special Tools for this Recipe

Food Processor

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