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Outta This World Cake Pops

These cake pops are outta this world! And they're coming for you...

In preparation for my nephew’s mission call opening, I practiced making some earth cake pops and decided to expand it to all things outerspace.

The sun is a simple spherical cake ball on which I “glued” mini chocolate chips around the outside of the cake ball. The “glue” is just melted chocolate. Once the chocolate is cool, the whole thing can be dipped in yellow candy melts (here are my favorite brands). Allow the melts to harden on the sun, then spray the outer edge of the sun, where the chocolate chips are, with orange. I have a simple, little airbrush you can purchase here. It does the job and is pretty cheap. I used this food paint for the sun.

For the earth, the moon, the galaxy, the space ship, and the astronaut's glass on the helmet, I used this shimmery airbrush paint to give a little luster.

New to cake pops? See my tutorial on how to mix, shape, and dip cake pops. I have another tutorial on cake pop decorating here.

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