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In an emergency situation, our normal plumbing system may not be available because of broken water and sewer lines.

If you suspect water line damage, do not flush your toilets. Turn off your main water valve so sewer water does not contaminate your water line. You can continue to use your toilet as long as you remove the water from the toilet bowl and do not flush the toilet. Line your toilet bowl with a sturdy trash bag and place the toilet seat down on top of the trash bag. Sprinkle Eco-gel over the liquid waste. It will solidify the liquid and keep your bathroom smelling like lemon grass. Tie the bag securely when it needs to be replaced and place it inside of a heavy yard trash bag. Secure that tightly and place it in a covered trash can until disposal services resume.

You can also use an emergency toilet made from a five-gallon bucket. Plastic toilet seats can be purchased that fit securely on the bucket. After reviewing the different seats available I purchased the Reliance Sturdy Bucket Toilet Seat. Eco-gel works great to solidify the liquids into a gel and keep the bucket smelling like lemon-grass. It is a powder that you sprinkle on the liquid and is easy to use. You will need to purchase plastic bag liners for the bucket along with the eco-gel. You can also use kitchen trash bags, putting one inside of another for extra sturdiness. Tie the bags securely when full and place them in a heavy yard trash bag. Secure that bag tightly and place it in a covered trash can until disposal services resume.

Sanitation Kit

  1. Five-gallon bucket

  2. Plastic toilet seat to fit the bucket

  3. Eco-gel

  4. Plastic bags and ties to line toilet bowl or bucket

  5. Heavy-duty yard trash bags and ties

  6. Toilet paper

  7. Alcohol gel water-less hand cleaner

  8. Feminine hygiene supplies (if needed)

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