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Wedding Catered! DIY style...

These delicious, bite-sized morsels of heavenliness are sure to please for any get together, but are beautiful enough for a wedding!

The food for this wedding was a family affair. And we really can't claim all of the food here...just most of it.

There were three flavors of tartlets. Banana cream, lemon blueberry, and raspberry vanilla. The crust for the tartlets can be found here. It's amazing! It just crumbles in your mouth. I got it from America's Test Kitchen and is the only recipe I use now for these little shells.

As for the fillings, I used banana pudding, lemon curd, and vanilla pastry cream. For a detailed look at how these are made, click here. Once the tartlets were filled, I added a dollop of fresh whipped cream and the desired fruit or cookie topping.

The brownies were bought from Costco. Yes, brownies are incredibly simple to make, but buying them saved us a lot of time. They were quite tasty, even though store bought!

The frostings, however, I did make. I divided up a batch of traditional buttercream and either added mint extract, homemade salted caramel, white chocolate, or peanut butter. Then, I used piping tip 1M to make the little swirl on top and added an Andes mint, Rolo, raspberry, or mini peanut butter cup.

The not-so-bite-sized gluten free cheesecakes were bought from a bakery in Salt Lake. We have some special diets in our family and needed some items that were gluten free. They were incredible!

The fruit is sitting atop a homemade platter my husband made for my sister, Michelle. It's made of solid surface countertop material, which is food safe and nonporous.

And let's not forget the wedding cake! This wedding cake was lemon with a lemon curd filling and a buttercream frosting. I altered a favorite WASC cake recipe to be lemon flavored because I couldn't find a lemon cake recipe I loved. It turned out so fluffy and light and had a wonderful lemon flavor that sang all it's zingy citrus notes proudly!

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